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On the website, click on Settings menu then Billing
If you haven't received an email from Apple after you've made a purchase, you can check it yourself by following these steps:
  • Go to Settings on your iPhone
  • Click on iTunes & App Store
  • Click your Apple ID then choose View Apple ID from the pop-up
  • Once you're in your Account page, click Purchase History
  • Alternatively, if you have iTunes installed in your laptop:
  • Open the iTunes app
  • Click Account then View My Account
  • Log in using your iTunes username and password
  • Click on the link near Purchase History
  • If you were able to verify that you purchased a Jade plan, and the purchase is not reflected in the App, please send us a screenshot of your order so we can add it manually.
    If you have multiple children with diabetes, sub-accounts allow you to pay just once at the parent account level, and this pays for all the sub-accounts underneath it. It's just one way we help keep the cost down for families with diabetes. You can also easily switch between accounts using the JadeDiabetes.com portal. Note: The Jade App is designed for one patient - it's not designed to switch between multiple patients. If you do need to switch between multiple patients, you need to log out first, then restart the app, then login as the new patient.

    Another advantage of sub-accounts is that children do not need an email address. When your child is old enough to have their own email address, please contact us to add an email address to the account.
    In the App or Website,
    1. Go to Settings \ Sharing \ Health Care Team Sharing
    2. Under ‘Share Data with My Health Care Professional’, type in the name and email of the HCP.
    3. Click [Share My Data]


    You can’t easily work out your correction ratio if you’re doing both carbs and correction at the same time. So you need to start with a good BG before a meal (ie no correction), and get the carb ratio right first.

    To get the correction ratio, do a correction at least 2 hours after eating, and 2 hours before eating again ie no eating or other insulins 2 hours either side.

    Think of it like a science experiment – only change one thing at a time!

    See our guides Calculating your carbohydrate ratio and Calculating your correction ratio

    Yes! On a new install or reinstall, Jade's onboarding wizard allows you to choose both fixed doses, and fixed doses plus corrections using a sliding scale.
    Yes. Jade has an insulin on board feature which is calculated using the time the fast-acting insulin was injected, the Active Insulin time and the size of the dose. If BG has been entered, an insulin stacking warning is shown if there is enough insulin on board to cause a low blood sugar if a dose is rounded up. Note: Active Insulin NEVER includes basal insulins.
    When you add a log, enter 0 for carbs and carbs will be cleared
    Log it at the start – this way it will look at active insulin with your exercise to look for impact. Also, if you stop early, in your next dose log you can just hit [Stop] next to exercise.
    Reports are found by touching the Log Summary area - this is the area on the Dashboard that contains the Estimate BG, Active Insulin, A1C and Ideal Range


    Reasons for a BG rise include:
    • Settings\Insulin\Advanced\Dawn Effect is enabled but you didn’t set a time period when Dawn Effect returns to zero
    • You have Settings\Insulin\Advanced\Log basal insulins manually but you didn’t log a basal insulin, or you entered an incorrect counter-balancing basal rate
    If basal modelling is turned off, then no amount of basal entries will affect the predictions. Please read the manual for how to setup this advanced mode (basal modeling mode).
    Note: We DO NOT recommend this mode until you have been using Jade for 2 weeks.
    Check that the calculator is switched on under Settings\Dosing\Enable Insulin Calculator. If the calculator is already enabled and you’re still having the same issue, please send us a screenshot of your dosing screen.

    Apple Health and Apps

    Apple Health allows iOS Apps to share health data, including food and nutrition, insulin, blood sugars and exercise.

    Food apps allow Jade to dose from hyper-accurate food data, without double-entry.

    If Apple Health is enabled and you use a food App, carbs, protein, fat and fiber will be tallied over the last 15 minutes (if there is more than one entry) and defaulted automatically every time you open the Add Log screen. Also, when you manually add food data to Jade, it automatically places it into Health.

    Blood sugars from Apps such as Dexcom, Spike, MiaoMiao and LinkBluCon allow Jade to both dose from and predict with the latest blood sugar readings, without double-entry.

    Exercise data from Apps such as Nike, Strava, allow Jade to predict with accurate exercise data, without double-entry.

    Normally this step is done when you install Jade. To fix it afterwards, first open the Apple Health App. Go to Data Sources, and choose Jade. Set all data types to Allow. Check that Jade is enabled for Apple Health, under Settings\Health, Dexcom, NightScout\Health. Next, you need to ensure you actually have data in Health. So in the Health App, browse to the data type you are expecting to see in Jade, e.g. carbs or blood glucose. Check that there are values within the last 4 hours.
    You can easily export it from the mySugr/OneDrop/Glooko app and then import it into Jade under Settings\Data\Legacy applications. Jade supports over 60 import formats.
    Jade can read Lose It food data, as well as nutrition data from any food app. The food app needs to log data to Apple Health from where Jade will read it automatically without double-entry.
    First of all, the food app puts data into Apple Health. Then, Jade reads the data from Health, including carbs, protein, fat and fiber. When you press [+ Add], Jade adds the recent Health data to the logger, and a dose is calculated automatically.

    Dexcom, Freestyle Libre and other devices

    Dexcom is configured in our JadeDiabetes.com website --- just choose Logs from the main menu then click Live Dexcom. Once you've entered your Dexcom username and password, you can Start and Stop the Dexcom integration. You need at least 1 follower, even if it is just a secondary email account that you have set up for yourself. Without this, Dexcom’s systems won’t bother pushing your data across to the ‘Share’ services which is where Jade gets it from.
    Please try the following:
  • The login details will be the same as you use on Dexcom's website
  • Note: Dexcom Share is limited to 5 followers. If you have 5 followers, please remove one. Once in Jade, can use Jade's share to unlimited followers - and not just blood sugars!
  • Open Dexcom app on mobile device. If not installed, download from Apple App Store.
  • Log in to Dexcom App (or create account and log in)
  • Hold iPhone/iPad in Portrait mode, and click on “Share” in upper right corner.
  • Be sure Sharing status is turned on. If you are already sharing, but there are issues with Jade, try adding a second follower. The second follower can be yourself, using a different email account.
  • Yes, login to JadeDiabetes.com to configure your NightScout site, and Jade will use all the data it finds.
    Yes, it can be used during the free trial for 7 days.
    Yes, that is correct – it gets data from 24 hours prior to the time of connection onwards.
    Go to Jade App \ Settings \ Alerts and Reminders \ CGM Alarm.
    Unfortunately the FreeStyle Libre was never designed as a ‘live data feed’ device like the Dexcom. However, you can make the Libre work like Dexcom:
    • iPhone – you can use MiaoMiao or LinkBluCon devices to put data into Apple Health, from where Jade can get it without requiring internet connectivity
    • Android – you can use the Glimp App as a Libre scanner replacement, push data to a personal NightScout site, which Jade can read every 5 minutes and then push back down to the app.
    If Freestyle Navigator 2 puts BG data into Health on the iPhone then Jade can pick up the blood sugars from Health.
    To get Spike to work with Jade, set Spike to write blood sugars and other data to Apple Health. Jade can then read them from Apple Health.

    Free Trial

    In the free plan, you can increase or decrease the blood glucose target value, but you cannot add more blood glucose targets or adjust their time.

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