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Oh and as a Low carb eater I LOVE protein Bolusing. Nothing else does this. So innovative. Previously I had to Input half my carb as protein in my pump or smart meter. And being free to use whichever meter I like.

SA, Australia

I got immediate benefit from the program. At first I did not realize it's power.  I loved the log and the freedom to document more than just readings. Then I started to understand the correlation between the graph and accuracy of prediction. Then I realized the power of the coach. I had struggled with Drs and nutritionist to get an accurate dose of insulin and how it coordinated with food and time of day. I studied the coach and really dialed in to what my Dr could not. It was what I had been looking for. It gave me the power to control my care.

I did find it hard to setup at first because I was unfamiliar with the terms bolus and basal. But I think it is much better now to setup.

I love the program and tell everybody I meet about it.  My Dr has been amazed by the program and how I have gone from 14.1 a1c to 5.4. He asks me every visit if I am still in love with my Australian program. I love the way I can dial in by time of day. I also can correlate with certain foods. It's just awesome.  So powerful.


I'm already seeing the benefits of Jade - the prediction engine is powerful!


I definitely give it an "excellent". At first, I was wishing the app could take a calibration reading from the CGM every hour or 2, but now realize it is more beneficial as is, so that I can track what made me stray from predicted levels. It also motivates me, which was a great surprise! Without a doubt, this is the most useful diabetes app I have ever used...and I will absolutely recommend it.

Matt, VA, USA

I think it is great and a huge help. I would love to see you take it to places that Dexcom doesn't seem to want to go. I want to say Thank You one more time. I saw your background and I know you understand that you try to find every helpful tool available to help a child with their care as this is not easy. Your application has been terrific in predicting bgl and the ability to leverage the cloud to provide dosing settings and logs has been fantastic

Alan, Parent of T1D, IL, USA

Live Dexcom service with Jade is excellent. I would recommend it to other people

Daniel, NJ, USA

The ability to see future predictive data is profound.

HealthAPI Investor

Being able to see how my teenage son's blood sugar readings and the predictions highs and lows is amazing.  The iPhone app is so handy for him to use, and the sync allows me to monitor how he's doing throughout the day. The points system is also a great incentive for teenage diabetics.  We've already seen an improvement in his blood sugars.  Thank you!

Jackie Trutter

I have to tell you how amazing this program is for me. As I told you earlier I am changing my diet to a high fat low carb diet.

As a result my basal insulin is changing. Your program has shown me what to change it by. My doctor had no guidance for me but by comparing my actual numbers with your predictions I have been able to determine how to reduce the basal and test my theories of what to do. It is amazing how accurate this program is when I put the data in and I can see the changes automatically.

I don't know how many people use this program and to what extent, but it is awesome for me. Thank you again for all your hardwork.

Cindy, USA

..thank you for your software and for doing such an awesome job at keeping it running smoothly! I really enjoy using JadeDiabetes.com.  I really do appreciate all the help you have given me to make your program work for us! It is awesome! I can't express how much I appreciate how dedicated you are to helping people like me!


Jade is something that every person with diabetes should be aware of and use. Amazing graphs - actionable information - I don't know how I managed without it!

Brad in Melbourne, Australia

Jade has helped reduced my daughter's HbA1C from 9.5% to 8.2% in just a few months. Multiple weekly Highs have changed to once fortnightly, and overnight Hypos are gone.

Lisa in Victoria, Australia

My 16 year old son's A1C is down from 8.2% to 7.7% over six weeks, thanks to Jade data showing that using the pump wizard was much better than winging it. Real data is critical.

Jeanette in Virginia, USA

The running log continues to provide the discipline that I have been unable to muster on my own until Jade.

Bob in MA, USA